Scientist and surfer turned chocolatiers and created Conchōbar Amplifed Chocolate.

As a surfer it's all about catching that one big wave, hitting it at exactly the right time. That only happens when you're fully immersed in the moment. Being a scientist thorough innovative research is key to quality and results. It's the actual proof to our scientific insights.

It's this free, spirited nature and the scientific basis that makes Conchōbar. Amplified by the rebellious surfer from within and backed up by hard facts.

Unlock the flow

Conchōbar Amplified chocolate unlocks the kind of flow that occurs when body and mind are completely in sync and you become oblivious to anything that happens around you.

With just the right amount of cannabinoids and adaptogenic mushrooms, amplified chocolate eases you into this state of mind. Through anandamides —that naturally occur in chocolate— as the perfect transmitter flow is delivered in an effective and regulated way.

We help people to unlock the flow in everyday life.

Amy and Connor: Irish origin

As brother and sister with an Irish mam, we founded Conchōbar Amplified Chocolate as a result of love for chocolate, getting into flow, surfing and Ireland. The name Conchōbar is the Gaelic name for Connor, possibly meaning "lover of hounds" or "lover of wolves" in Old Irish. It's associated with a legendary king in Irish mythology, Conchōbar mac Nessa.


Each of our amplified ingredients have their own amplified effects, whether it be CBD, Lion's mane, Reishi or Cordyceps. CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety, Lion's mane can increase focus, Reishi can increase calmness and Cordyceps can increase performance.

These ingredients are carefully dosed to match the desired effects per block of chocolate. To maximize effects, follow the advised daily dose and the duration of intake. Making sure your Conchōbar Amplified Chocolate experience is fulfilled to the max.


In the production facility of Conchōbar Amplified Chocolate with more than 30 years of experience, the chocolate bars are all made by hand and produced in a sustainable way. The cocoa beans are purchased farmers that grow it in a responsible way while earning a fair price. For packaging we only use paper that is easy to reuse. And our facility is completely powered with renewable energy.


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