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**Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)**


1. **What is the effect of CBD?**

- *Answer: CBD, found in hemp, promotes relaxation and well-being without the "high" of THC. Effects vary by person. A moderate dose typically ranges from 10-30 milligrams. Start low and consult a professional, especially if new to CBD. Our CBD-infused chocolates offer a tasty and convenient way to enjoy CBD's potential benefits.

2. **What is the effect of adaptogenic mushrooms?**

- *Answer: Adaptogenic mushrooms are used for their potential to reduce stress and support overall well-being.*

3. **Do you have vegan chocolate?**

- *Answer: Yes, all our dark chocolate is vegan-friendly.*

4. **Do you have gluten-free chocolate?**

- *Answer: Yes, all our chocolate is gluten-free.*

5. **Is your chocolate sustainably sourced?**

- *Answer: Yes, all our chocolate is made from organically certified cocoa from Grupo Conacado in the Dominican Republic.*

6. **How do I store my chocolate?**

- *Answer: Store your chocolate in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, and strong odors.*

7. **How long can I keep my chocolate?**

- *Answer: Chocolate has a long shelf life. Consume it within one year for the best quality.*

8. **Can I eat the chocolate when pregnant or breastfeeding?**

- *Answer: It's advised not to consume CBD chocolate when pregnant or breastfeeding. Please consult your healthcare provider.*

9. **Where do you ship to?**

- *Answer: We ship to nearly all countries within the European Union.*

10. **How long does shipping take?**

- *Answer: Shipping times vary by country within the European Union, typically ranging from 1 to 5 working days.*

11. **How do you ship when it's too hot?**

- *Answer: We add ice packaging to orders during hot weather to ensure the chocolates arrive in perfect condition.*


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